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We have indeed Gee, it's been interesting

Posted by: Lark on January 28, 19100 at 11:12:14:

In Reply to: The long goodbye posted by Gee on January 26, 19100 at 15:53:08:

: Lark: We've had some good ones haven't we!

We have indeed Gee, it's been interesting, I hope you'll pardon me for my initial posts to you which may have been slightly abusive or stand off-ish, I have little patience for the more ignorant McCarthyist capitalists of this debate room and without a real aquentance I, unfortunately, tarred you with the same brush.

A man once said I've heard a lot that has changed my opinion but never my vote, I dont know about votes but I know about ideology, while your perspective, argued patiently and with courage (I dont know if I'd have played your position if the tables where turned for very long), hasnt changed by ideology it's definitely changed my opinion. Maybe capitalists arent all evil bastards, well not all on purpose anyway.

:You are a man of passion and your defiance of authority, regardless of where it comes from, is very Proudhon.

Passion? Hotheaded you mean.

I dont really deserve the honour of a comparison with Proudhon if you ask me, I'm just John Doe.

Illegitimate authority doesnt get legitimate all of a sudden for changing colour, creed, class or smell, now that's something I think you can appreciate.

:I'm not sure how you can combine that with reformism though.

I tell you now it isnt easy, I'm not actually pro-reformism but if I can support a measure that that will give me a little more power over my life, or cash in my pocket, I'm there.

:Good luck to you Lark, enjoy what's to come.

I really appreciate that man, where it not for our differences I'd call you comrade, I always appreciated you tolerance and open mindedness and I can say I learned much from that, in short I'm still as socialist as ever but far more genuinely libertarian.

I dont relish the idea of guilitining the Frenchys if we have to do the Gees as well.

Hey man send me an e-mail to gerarddonaghy@Hotmail.com and I'll send you my address I'd like to exchange regular/paper mail if your high flying executive free market lifestyle permits. Waht's the new job etc. keep us posted.

: The Debating Rooms will be the less for your absence.

Right on McSpotlight.

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