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A friendly disagreement.

Posted by: Lark on January 28, 19100 at 11:13:55:

In Reply to: Toward A Common Definition (FULL VERSION) posted by Fred on January 27, 19100 at 15:23:55:

: Does anyone here agree?

I sure as hell dont.

There is a variety of conservatism that I dont think is as bad as the American disease, the one nation conservatism of Disreali, the Conservatism of the European Christian Democrats who think poverty and inequity is a national affront, the conservatism that stresses harmony and cohesion before elite power and the wishes of the capitalist paymaster.

Did you know that when consideration was given in the European Union to harmonisation of tax or welfare that the British Socialists found it unimaginable because the found the tax and welfare spending of European Welfare Conservatives or Conservative religious coalitions far to generous?

Did you know that the welfare spending and schemes of west Germany, ruled mainly by religious and corporatist liberal (read Keynesian rather than pragmatic) collectivist conservative parties since WW2, where more comprehensive, generous and efficient than in the Communist east?

There is a right(eous)conservatism, or I mean a less wrong one, I, a Socialist dont hold with any of it really, we have it in Ireland, it revises unpopular or wrong decisions about the market, isnt guided by ideological laisse faire dogma and tries to find consensus between rich and poor, trade unions and bourgousie business associations.

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