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Posted by: Frenchy on January 28, 19100 at 11:31:30:

In Reply to: Yup! posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on January 26, 19100 at 14:17:07:

: : Ahhhh, the perfect example; Accuse me of being a Nazi. Fine, I just don't care to respond to that sort of tripe.

: SDF: You dish out plenty of it... and I DIDN'T call you a Nazi. Oh, yeah, Norman taking the high ground... LOL! Keep lying, Norman, you'll get more crowd appreciation that way.

You didn't call me a Nazi, but you sure as hell don't mind bringing it up at someone else's expense. But it doesn't matter to me what you call me. I'm going to keep nailing you.
: : Extend the same method of 'argument' and you get the above, ie; nonsensical assertions based on one's own definitions. Contort the definition of 'capitalist' to include the actions of dictators of sovereign countries,

: SDF: Those friendly dictators you support, again?

The only dictators I support, barely, are the ones that the American people voted into office (mine is Barbara Lee, a real Left wing Loonie Tunes). My solution to their dictator problem? A liberal application of the Second Amendment.

: : misrepresent genocide on the part of foreign leader as being directed from Washington DC for the benefit of Wall St,

: SDF: No, that's what actually happened and happens today.

Yeah, it happens, but is it the responsibility of this country? Do other countries that trade with the very same countries that the US trades with bear the same degree of responsibility? Why not?

: : create empty but emotional phrases such as 'Thatcherism' and you've got plenty of solid Soviet propaganda ready for the gist mill to make come up with '100 million capitalist deaths'. Is it any wonder the modern Socialist today is the laughing stock of the world?

: SDF: The victims of IMF and World Bank "austerity plans" aren't laughing.

"Austerity plans", is that another way of saying they spent themselves into a hole and needed to find a 'patron'? What is the 'patron' supposed to do when they can't even pay back the loans?
: : Sixty years ago you would've been on Goebbel's staff Samual Day Fassbinder.

: SDF: I DIDN'T call you a Nazi, and now this? LOL!

OK, I apologise for that. You would've been in Stalin's Bureau of Propaganda.
: : Anyways, you have to explain why so many people want to come to this country, not Cuba, not Russia, not India, not Africa, not Nicuaraugua, not the Congo, not Beijing, not N. Korea, not Yugoslavia, not Italy, but here, the US, if capitalism is as wicked as you and other Leftist idiots say it is. Why is that Samual Day Fassbinder? What is it that poor and uneducated people all over the world know that you don't? Have they read Hayek and Von Mises? Or have they lived through the political and economic systems that you promote?

: SDF: You tell me, smart guy.

Easy one Ace; because this country happens to be superior to most. I put most of the European, Western European countries pretty much on the same level as the States, believe it or not, for the benefit of the fruitcakes who think I'm a jingoistic 'Merican. I'm actually a jingoistic Western Civ. sort of guy.
Make up your mind; is it the IMF who're murdering 100's of millions of innocent people in their beds, or is it those meanies in Washington DC?

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