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Your pulling my right leg here, right?

Posted by: Frenchy on January 28, 19100 at 15:58:27:

In Reply to: A full 80% of scientists work for corporations. posted by Norm on January 28, 19100 at 11:23:45:

: : Since some people here (okay, Frenchy) doubt global warming and offer articles by Michael Fumento in their defense, I thought I'd share with you all some information I recently learned the think tank which employs Fumento, the Hudson Institute. The Hudson Institute's financial backers include Ag Processing, American Cyanamid, Cargil, Ciba-Geigy, ConAgra, DowElanco, Du Pont, Monsanto, and the National Agricultural Chemicals Association.

It isn't so much 'global warming' per se that is a problem. It's 'global warming with human activity being the culprit' that I take exception to. The earth has gone through a series of warmings and coolings before man got here. It's part of nature to do that. I go on the warpath only when scientists of the Liberal/Socialist persuasion use the weather as a pretext for acheiveing collectivist ends. Am I being unfair? I don't think so. A decade and a half ago I believed what these scientists said about these topics. They have been wrong too many times in to many feilds since then. I don't believe them anymore. Is that my fault? I don't think so.

: : With backers like those, is it any wonder that Fumento and fellow Hudson-wonk Dennis Avery publish "studies" doubting global warming and in favor of frankenfoods? As usual, all one need do is follow the money.

Doubting global warming is a product of human activeity that is, not just global warming.

: Ed Herman did a three-part series in Z Magazine which showed how the corporate world has polluted all science, not just environmental studies. A full 80% of scientists work for corporations. Wow!

Boy, and I get castigated for some of my sources!!
If corporations are such a nasty thing, why do you buy magazines from one? Do you drive a car? Do you use public transportation? Do you buy ready made clothes and shoes? Do you buy vegetables in a supermarket? Do you buy your meat in a cellophane-wrapped 2 lb. package? If you and your kind find corporations so offensive, don't spend your money supporting them. Myself, I ain't going back two centuries to make you feel good.

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