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I'm impressed.

Posted by: MDG on January 28, 19100 at 17:26:45:

In Reply to: Bleah. posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on January 28, 19100 at 11:34:57:

: : : SDF: No. Gore, Gore-with-a-heart-condition, and Bush have the SAME position on the death penalty and will appoint the SAME judges REGARDLESS of what you think.

: : Doubtful.

: SDF: Gainsaying! How clever! Where did you learn it? Tell me, are there any Democrats running for President these days who are OPPOSED to the death penalty? Could you name them for us please?

Do you understand the difference between black and white, and shades of grey? Do you understand that politics is the art of compromise, as is life? Unfortunately, none of the Demos are anti-death penalty, but they are not so quick to abrogate defendants' rights as are the Republicans. Bush/Bradley will not be as quick to nominate Supreme Court justices who think little of habeus corpus but worship federalism, and their opinions can literally make the difference between life and death for a death row inmate who appeals his state sentence to them.

: Folks, there are tremendous issues plaguing American politics these days. The coming end of the economic bubble (and consequent resurgence of racial and class violence with inklings of military dictatorship such as we saw in South Central back in '92), the end of the era of cheap oil, and the coming of the climactic disasters of the greenhouse effect are among the most predictable of these issues.

: Again, folks, I'm sure MDG has plenty of stake in the Demos, so he isn't really the focus audience of debate here. I'm committed too. The focus is you.

I'm impressed, Sam: you know everything about me. Fascinating.

Third parties are great. We are extremely close to a one party system. In general, the Democrats are no better than the Republicans. That's not news to anyone, Sam. What's vital is to set aside your dogma and really look at the individuals involved, and the stakes. As I see it, the Supreme Court is on the verge of a radical makeover, and to let George Bush create a new majority on the bench will be a disaster for decades to come. If you're so blinded by your ideology that you can't see the subtle but crucial differences between the Democrats and Republicans, then go ahead and ignore them at your peril. Fortunately, in this regard you are in the distinct minority -- and don't you smugly sit back their and think that your ideals are any purer or loftier than other peoples', because you are sadly mistaken.

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