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Posted by: Stoller on January 29, 19100 at 12:35:28:

In Reply to: Dateline Ecuador- One Day of Socialist People's Democracy posted by Nikhil Jaikumar on January 28, 19100 at 11:09:11:

: For a glorious 24 hours last weekend, from Friday to Saturday, the people of Ecuador seized control of their country from an unpopular leader in thrall to International Capital and ran their own affairs... No blood was spilled- Barry should take note of this...

: Unfortunately, the coup was reversed the next day, thanks possibly to meddling from the United States...

I think you deconstructed your own argument here, NJ.

Like the Seattle protesters who 'stopped the WTO for a day,' the bloodless coup in Ecuador that lasted a day is only a sign, an indication, a prehension, that the real struggles ahead are gaining momentum.

My concern: does Latin America possess enough large-scale industry (socialized labor albeit under capitalist private control) to sustain socialism (i.e. material abundance that quells dissent without massive coercion)?

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