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Finally, we have a 'LABOR PARTY'! Hurrah!

Posted by: Kweassa on January 29, 19100 at 12:46:18:

The Republic of Korea which you people see today has been founded in 1948. It is now the year 2000, and 52 years have passed. During those 52 years, we had (in order):

1. A Macarthist dictator
2. Flimsy Liberalist who lost power to a coup
3. The Machismo Military General who overthrew the flimsy Liberalist
4. A scholarly but non-political guy
5. The henchman who took power by coup and got rid of number 4
6. A friend and helper of number 5
7. A would-be democratic man who succumbed to the darkside

.. as presidents. Now the man called Kim Dae Jung comes in power and stabs the working class from the back. No political party in Korea lasted for more than 10 years, since they either broke up or merged, following the dictators' every filthy whim.

Currently we have 3 political parties, one a (relatively) decent conservative party in power, one a heir to the military dictatorship in cooperation with the president, and another would-be heir to the military dictatorship past.

Every "progressive" party was forced to destruction by numerous assasinations, executions, kidnappings-disappearings, and arrest.

In 52 years of filthy history,

Korea finally has a "LABOR PARTY" representing the people and the workers. It will emerge in January 30th.

The Korean Democratic Labor Party.

The least thing you guys can do is send some hugs and kisses.


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