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'Vengeance shall be mine, saith the lord'

Posted by: Kweassa on January 30, 19100 at 20:28:31:

In Reply to: Japan and India also execute, though rarely posted by Nikhil Jaikumar on January 29, 19100 at 12:30:17:

: Yeah, but then how do we differentite between those who deserve life imprisonment and those who deserve something worse? Anyway, the death penalty has symbolic value, the value of purging our world of teh criminal.

When we meet criminals, what is our task?

If we do share a common power of human reason, our first task to a criminal is to make him fit for society once more, not to 'purge him' from this world. 'Purging criminals' from this society is no doubt how it is today, but though it may sound idealistic, I do not believe that is right. The justice system is originally meant to benefit all members of the society - including criminals. Protect the innocent from harm, and change the criminal into decent member of the society.

It is needless to say not even the most so-called "advanced" countries have perfected the justice system. No prison on this earth was ever meant to "change" the human being. It's sole purpose was only 'purging' them out of this society. Everybody's interested in the "LA LAW" style drama of who's right and wrong, but nobody is interested in what happens after that - how we should/can change a convicted felon into a normal functioning member of the society.(Thus gained the theories of Michelle Foucault unimaginable power and charisma which shook the world)

The justice system today only proves how unreasonable people are when it comes to the system which needs the most highly sophisticated power of reason the society can afford.

What DOES our prison do? More likely a mild criminal turns into hardier criminal after serving time. In many countries, prisons are referred to as "schools" in slangs. And that's what exactly it is.

Nobody's bad enough to be purged artificially from this world. Especially when so many factors of the society itself often stimulates a normal man into cracking up and becoming a criminal.

I believe the law exists for common good, and it should represent common reason.

And I sincerely doubt "VENGEANCE" has anything to do with REASON.

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