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A little more on socialism and executions.

Posted by: NJ (Nikhil Jaikumar) ( From now on I use initials, DSA ) on January 30, 19100 at 20:31:23:

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A little more on socialism and executions. A number of socialist or communist societies, including Sandinista Nicaragua, abolished the death penalty immediately. However, considering Nicaragua was fighting a war against powerful terrorist armies, they still were not able to put their humanitarian wishes fully into practice. The German Democratic Republic also stopped executing peopel in 1981, at teh same time that America was rushing to kill them. They finally abolished the death penalty in the late '80s.

In contrast to this, other socialist sucieties like teh Souviet Union used the death penalty, arguing that it was actiually more humane than life in prison. Life sentences in teh SU were apparently unknown, the maximum sentences being either 15 years or death. The maximum penalty in Nicaragua was 30 years.

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