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Socialism is better than capitalism because it respects and furtehrs the eternal values and rights of man.

Posted by: Nikhil Jaikumar ( DSA, MA, USA ) on January 30, 19100 at 20:34:03:

In Reply to: Ahistorical 'rights' and morality again posted by Stoller on January 29, 19100 at 12:25:15:

: Once again, NJ, your belief in ahistorical 'rights' paints you in a corner where moral absolutism must be your guiding principle.

That much i freely concede.

: Rights and morality and laws are dialectical, historical, social.

No, because if you concede that, they your advocacy of communism has no leg to stand on. You argue that communism is 'better' than capitalism. Obviously, otherwise we wouldn't be advocating for it to replace capitalism. I agree with you in principle. But WHY is it better? We need a STANDARD by which we can measure socialism and judge it to be better than capitalism.

In my opinion, this standard is FAIRNESS, LIBERTY< EQUALITY, BROTHERHOOD, all the eternal values that you brush off as mere artifacts of the social relations of your time. Socialism is better than capitalism because it respects and furtehrs the eternal values and rights of man.

You on the other hand argue that all rights and morality are contextual, based on the economic system of the time. HEre is the fundamental flaw in that: If capitalism and socialim both ahve their own self-contained morality, then on what grounds can we argue that socialism is superior? If morality is not absolute, then how can we prove that capitalism is immoral?

And if we can't prove that, then capitalism and socialism are on an equal moral footing. In such a world, powet = morality. And you know as well as me which side has the power. If self-interest is the only guiding principle, then why isn;t it perfectly mroal for a capita;lsit tos erve his won self-interest by exploiting workers? On what ground can we criticize capitalism, if morality is not absolute.

I believe that no one, not even yourself, can live consistently by a (fully) morally relativistic creed. You, as well as everyone else, are probably an absolutist at heart,. The next time you make a criticism of capitalsim I'll endeavor to show why you have an implicit morality in your statement that presupposes moral laws and rights that are innate, and that take priority over what ever ecponomic system may rule the day.

Or let's make it simpler. Try and answer the question, Why is capitalism wrong? without making reference to moral absolutes.

: The set of rules for bourgeois society will not be the same set of rules for communist society.

: They CAN'T be; social relations will be completely different.

: But your outrage IS appreciated...


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