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I think that all work deserves scientific analysis as to determine what makes it disagreeable or scut work

Posted by: Lark on January 30, 19100 at 21:09:57:

In Reply to: Consider the 'crappy jobs' corps for young people posted by MDG on January 29, 19100 at 12:22:14:

: I've also questioned job rotation, but not because, as has been alleged, that as a college/grad school graduate, I somehow above shovelling shit. I'd be willing to do my share of scut work,

But no doubt like myself you have to really insist that you'd be willing to do such work, I hate the characturistically marxist tendency of say Stroller to accuse debaters of laziness or whatever when that is not the issue at stake.

:I just question how well the system, a la Stoller's description, would work.

What is far, far more disturbing is that since this is all part of some great plan which must be be religiously observed under pain of death, if it fails it will be made to persist until the meat grinder breaks on the bones of the people.

: I have another idea: the crappy miserable jobs, like picking grapes or cleaning toilets, should be the work of young people, done either for school credit or college money (public grants) while they're in high school or after high school, before college. It would be universal service, akin to the military. Why young people? First off, the crappy jobs tend to be physical in nature, and young people can handle that sort of work better; secondly, seniority has its privileges, and older folk can listen to the young folk complain about cleaning crappy latrines and say, "Don't worry, we survived it, and you will too." Young people party harder than older people, so when they get off their crappy shift, they can shake it off more easily. Also, young people don't yet have families, added responsibilities, and the world weariness of older people, in other words, less stress, so doing the scut work won't take as much a mental toll on them. Furthermore, doing scut work will integrate them into the adult world of work, not the school -- and school age people -- they've known all their lives. Also, doing scut work will hopefully help them appreciate the greater opportunities they'll be given down the road, i.e. college/vocational school/grad school.

: Once the undesirable work is done, and older people (arbitrary figure, 22 years old) go on to further schooling and professions, I don't think that further job rotation will be necessary, with one exception: serving in government.

That is indeed one perspective, I think that all work deserves scientific analysis as to determine what makes it disagreeable or scut work, then one step at a time these can be eliminated.

For my part if I had a decent wage, respect from my employer, parity of esteem and meaningful say in decision making at a local regional and national scale as regards my work, I wouldnt mind what the actual work is.

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