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Why I oppose Capitalism

Posted by: Adam ( None, USA ) on January 31, 19100 at 13:13:30:

I have been looking around this great nation of ours and I dont like what I see, violent crimes are at a high, education is a joke, you cant see a horizon because everywhere you look is another fucking skyscaper or another goddamn billboard. I have been thinking for a while what has driven us to this breaking point. We are so blind to what is happening, flipping on the news one day I saw a school in colorado had been attacked by two of their students in which the two students killed fellow students. My mom asked "What could make someone murder?", at the time I had no response but I feel I know now, we place more value on the dollar and our "american dream" that we have lost the value in everything else. Your more then likely saying "Thats not true!" but it is, sad but true. How many times have you walked by that veteran in the subway asking for change or how times have you driven past that woman hanging out under the overpass and not thought about it? Social-Darwinism(explains poverty exists because people cant adapt to society) is taught in every U.S. History class but what class teachs respect for other human beings. As a society we view success as lying in your bank account, what about family, and happiness? I have came to a conclusion to what has created our problems and it comes down to Capitalism, a belief that rewards greed and has a history of exploiting anything and everything for maximum profit. Capitalism teachs us to goto whatever means gains the most profit, a poor way to view life. Capitalism has destroyed the human spirit to where we have no value on other things besides profit. Look at our once green earth that had clean oceans and lakes but now is covered with black concrete and shopping malls. We are slowly killing everything we have and everything we are for something that has no value in itself but only the value we put own it. This is why I oppose capitalism, because I want a world for the better, a world of peace and where humans know the value the one standing beside him and values the earth on which he lives.

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