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Freedom of speech is guaranteed in the Constitution, so who the hell needs it in the real world?

Posted by: Sal on January 31, 19100 at 13:23:38:

In Reply to: And it's worth every life spent defending it. posted by Stuart Gort on January 30, 19100 at 20:48:59:

: :: If you disavow present and past Communism/Socialism I suppose that means you endorse future Communism, which only proves what Gort said (I think it was Gort...) sometime ago regarding the failure of you guys being able to show actual working models of Communism, other than the models that exist between your ears. Socialism Delenda Est. (That's the Ablative Absolute construction for you Latin fans out there.)

: : SDF: If it's only within my ears, then why are you so afraid of it?

: With the vestigial remnant of Marxism still oozing and festering in the universities, and the universities in brainwash mode, I for one will remain diligent. I originally brought up that issue to show you how it isn't Marx and Engels you guys truly revere, it's only yourselves.

: if 1. It wasn't Marxism or Communism killing all those people.
: and 2. There hasn't been any pure application of Marxist principles.
: and 3. You guys don't agree what the basic tenets of Marxism are.
: then 4. You are all sucking into your own minds.

: Hey French,

: Semper Ubi Sub Ubi.

: Stuart Gort

Yeah, Stuart! Freedom of speech is guaranteed in the Constitution, so who the hell needs it in the real world? If commies want to spread there views, they can just buy advertising on tv like normal people do! I loved your comment about the Marxism oozing and festering in universities, the sore on the body politic that this ideology is. I mean, what could Marx possibly mean by the "free development of each" being the condition "for free development of all"? What a bloodthirsty thug!

I also loved how you pegged the Leftists on this page as narcissistic mental masturbators. Right on, bro! I mean, freedom of speech is one thing and I'll send my best employee's son to die for it, but do these commies have to keep SAYING THINGS?

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