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Posted by: David B ( Aus ) on January 31, 19100 at 13:26:14:

I haven't had much time to view posts on this forum (I've been arguing on a capitalist forum - examining the level at which they think) but I have noticed that the left is rather divided. I thought I might point everyone in the direction of the World Socialist Movement at www.worldsocialism.org. The WSM has been around for over 90 years starting with the Socialist Party of Great Britain.

I realise that you probably all know about it but I still was wondering what you thought of it. It isn't a "reformist" organisation like many socialist parties are so, as they say, they don't get side-tracked.

The reason I say this is that for socialism to have a chance of implementation we should all be united in its cause and concentrate on educating people about socialism instead of relying on the idea of physical force.

I really think that the approach of the WSM makes capitalist vilification of socialism extremely difficult. It forces them to concentrate on aspects such as participation in society rather than slavery, poverty, and other such nonsense.

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