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Socialism isnt about re-education or brainwashing

Posted by: lark on January 31, 19100 at 13:32:08:

In Reply to: A historic first posted by David on January 30, 19100 at 20:34:55:

: Wow MDG, for once I find myself agreeing with you completely. Although I am opposed to socialism of all forms,

Are you really sure about that, that's a very dogmatic and absolute position. I know that it can be fun if your playing politics to try and express determination or militancy but if you slam doors as you go you may have problems going through them in the future.

I mean if you where languishing in a facist or capitalist dictators prison and socialists came and rescued you and took you to a socialist republic or enclave would you leave and return to the prison?

:this seems to me the best way to implement it. If the revolution struck and I was "reeductated" than I would prefer this sort of system.

re-educated? Socialism isnt about re-education or brainwashing, the soviet union etc. if that's what your calling socialist, wheren't socialist, they might have called themselves socialist but hey the devil can quote the bible too.

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