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Excuse me?

Posted by: jason high ( myself, USA ) on January 31, 19100 at 17:25:36:

In Reply to: The death penalty posted by Nikhil Jaikumar on January 27, 19100 at 19:47:50:

: 3)Timothy McVeigh and Theodore Kaczynxki (both right wing terrorists)

Excuse me? Theodore Kaczynski was NOT a right wing terrorist. He
was, in fact, very anti-technology and should be considered a left
wing extremist. When searching his shack of a house, they found a
copy of "Earth in the Balance" by none other than Al Gore. Right wing?

And while it has nothing to do with the death penalty, there is plenty
of left-wing terrorism to go around. Environmental activists planting
spikes in the trees that loggers will be cutting with chainsaws so
they can lose a limb or two. "Animal rights" activists in Atlanta
who recently dumped a truckload of chicken crap in the street in
front of a chicken farmers' convention, putting people at risk for
e. coli and other diseases.

: 4) those guys in Wyoming who tortured and killed a homosexual youth

and that exacty opposite of that happened recently, but hardly any
news organizations ran the story. i guess that crime didn't have
enough hate in it.


McSpotlight: Care to cite some sources for the story?

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