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You tell 'em Far!

Posted by: Bart on February 01, 19100 at 10:46:27:

In Reply to: Homer Simpson is alive and well... posted by Farinata on January 31, 19100 at 16:58:15:

: In other words;

: "You don't appear to be a slave. Somebody should have turned you into a slave, because then you could be like me".

: Take it and stuff it. Stuff your two-by-four mind, stuff your family saloon, stuff your cancerous existence and game-show thrills, stuff your vapid defence of shallow materialist consumerism and detonate your nuclear family.

: Oh, and I'm not a Communist, I don't have a TV or a car, neither do I want them. I've got better things to do.

You tell 'em Far!!.

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