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I don't think so.

Posted by: MDG on February 01, 19100 at 10:49:40:

In Reply to: Excuse me? posted by jason high on January 31, 19100 at 17:25:36:

: : 3)Timothy McVeigh and Theodore Kaczynxki (both right wing terrorists)

: Excuse me? Theodore Kaczynski was NOT a right wing terrorist. He
: was, in fact, very anti-technology and should be considered a left
: wing extremist. When searching his shack of a house, they found a
: copy of "Earth in the Balance" by none other than Al Gore. Right wing?

Does being a luddie equal being left wing? That's debateable. When polled, a majority of the Christian Coalition favored a living wage (versus a minimum wage); does this make them left or right? And Al Gore...a right-wing Democrat.

: And while it has nothing to do with the death penalty, there is plenty of left-wing terrorism to go around. Environmental activists planting spikes in the trees that loggers will be cutting with chainsaws so they can lose a limb or two.

No - the motive is to discourage the loggers from cutting down the trees, not to hurt them, although since these spikes can indeed maim or kill the loggers, I'm against their use. However, there must be action againt the right-wing terrorism of logging companies clearcutting forests and chopping down ancient redwoods in order to pay off junk-bond leveraged corporate takeovers (as Charles Hurwitz of Pacific Lumber is purposefully doing).

:"Animal rights" activists in Atlanta who recently dumped a truckload of chicken crap in the street in front of a chicken farmers' convention, putting people at risk for e. coli and other diseases.

Why the quote in animal rights? Anyway, I doubt the manure dumped in the street presents an e. coli threat which is anywhere near that posed by the chicken found wrapped in plastic in the supermarket, or in the groundwater, rivers, streams, and lakes contaminated by runoff from chicken factory farms. Physteria, anyone?

Or we could talk about the intentional infliction of harm upon chickens and other animals confined in factory farms and killed in slaughterhouses, but that's only terrorism to those who think cruelty to animals is wrong...

: : 4) those guys in Wyoming who tortured and killed a homosexual youth

: and that exacty opposite of that happened recently, but hardly any
: news organizations ran the story. i guess that crime didn't have
: enough hate in it.

Or maybe it was atypical, whereas assaults and murder of gays is frequent, and verbal attacks on gays emanate from the halls of Congress and churches. Try this: take your wife or girlfriend and go to a gay bar, then sit down and order a drink, and kiss each other. Now, go to a straight bar -- make it a sports bar -- with a male friend and sit down next to each other and get a drink and look into each others eyes and kiss each other (c'mon, you can do it!), then leave the bar hand in hand. Which scenario do you think will result in a gang of young men beating the shit out of you?

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