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Posted by: Piper on February 01, 19100 at 11:12:11:

In Reply to: Modern Times posted by MDG on January 31, 19100 at 18:46:25:

: That's all subjective, isn't it? Brainiacs, or at least the economically/philosophically adept, can follow someone like B. Stoller's posts with a minimum of difficulty, whereas yours truly gets lip cramps trying to decipher them. It is smart politics to speak to your audience in a voice they'll understand, but not to the point of patronizing them.

Piper: I am not sure that stoller cares whether the masses (read those who haven't read hegel & marx) understand him and his politics or not. He is i suspect only concerned with carrying out his dream of a marxist utopia. Fulfilment of this doesn't come through convincing people through debate that he is right, rather it comes through violent revolution and mass enforcement of the communist view. On this view there is no haggling about the niceties of communism there is only the agenda to be enforced on the people whether they want it or no.

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