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Frenchy's Reading List

Posted by: Stewball The Racehorse on February 01, 19100 at 15:13:56:

I just read Frenchy's description of Marx's personal life, which was in fact quite accurate. Marx did borrow money from his friends, and Frenchy's verb "mooch" is a defendable way of looking at that undeniable historical fact.

My most generous guess is that Frenchy got this from at book called "Intellectuals" by a fellow named Paul Johnson. I think that was his name, anyway. This was a very popular book which came out in the early 1990's, and it is really nothing more than a series of ad homimen attacks on Leftist figures, people like Marx, Lenin, Chomsky and (English Romantic poet) Shelley.

This book is a disgrace to scholarship, and I could bore you all with the inaccuracies in the chapter on Shelley, but I won't. The only point I will caution everyone here on is that I'd like to remind you that we Leftists aren't the only ones who can put a book together. Rightist pigs like Paul Johnson, Rush Limbaugh and their pathetic followers like Frenchy can do it, too.

It helps to know what one's opposition is up to.

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