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Whew! Once again, you know me SO well!

Posted by: MDG on February 01, 19100 at 15:52:04:

In Reply to: We don't need no stinking Demopublicans, either! posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on February 01, 19100 at 13:48:52:

: : :The real question is, "What do you do so that in four years, you don't have to go through the same exercise in lesser-evilism?" I fear that Democracy is yet one more casualty of so-called 'consumerism.' We seem to think that political choices are something over which we have no control and candidates are merely another corporate offering. It's Coke or New Coke.

: : You do have a choice. You can continue to work for your vision, organize for your vision, field candidates for your vision,

: SDF: And this is precisely what I'm doing with the Green Party while y'all so busy with the Democrats.

So busy...if reading the paper, listening to news on the radio, and one day walking to the polls to vote for, among others, either Gore or Bradley over Bush seems like being busy to you, then either I'm the most industrious person on Earth, or you're lazier than Homer Simpson.

:FIELDING CANDIDATES. Is it okay with you if I actively promote them while denouncing the alternatives?

If you bother to read my posts without red rage warping my words, you'll see that I agree with this strategy. Promote the Greens and others, by all means! Denounce Gore & Bradley -- I certainly don't like them! Our continuing difference, Sam, is that though I don't like what the Democrats are serving up, it's still better than the Republican's offering. You can choose the broken bones, but I'll choose the slap.

: : and when you're strong enough, achieve your vision; in the meantime, you have to cut your losses by voting for the less-destructive candidate when there's no other choice. That's smart poker.

: SDF: Meanwhile you have to do something to create that other choice.

I've never once argue with that.

:The fact that you feel obligated to vote against your own interests in every election stands as a living testament to the fact that you didn't do anything, or at least you didn't do enough.

Once again, you seem to know all about me. I think I'll turn that amazing power on you. I will confidently say, right here and now, that while you were still soiling your pampers, I was already actively working to help the environment and promote human rights. In fact, I'll go so far to say that even while you were still a CHOICE in your mom's head, I was agitating against pollution. So there.

:Have you been following the debate about national candidates and national organizations within the Green Party, MDG?

I admit that I haven't, though the Greens have my support anyway. I do know for a fact that this year will not provide us with a Green Presidential candidate who stands even a slim chance of winning, which is why I will, as I keep saying, act to LIMIT the damage by voting for the Democrat. I'll gladly vote for Greens for lesser offices, however.

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