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Posted by: Loudon Head on February 01, 19100 at 17:45:52:

In Reply to: What trash! (better) posted by Stoller on February 01, 19100 at 10:51:39:

: : The only (not merely the best, but the ONLY) practical meaning of the word "rule" applies to a government.

: All businesses are governments. Ones with one or more wage-laborers are capitalist governments.

Piffle. All assemblies of more than one person (and occasionally of only one person) are businesses.

But, for the sake of argument, what is your definition of "government"? (I expect that, one day, I'm going to discover that anarcho-capitalists, anarcho-socialists, Marxists, syndicalists, etc. all believe in the exact same thing but they all define their terms differently.)

: : Unfortunately, property is one of those things which is genuinely impossible to do away with. It rules us in the same sense that hunger or the weather rule us.

: Property (of the means of production) is a social construct originating from the social division of labor and the concomitant creation of surplus. Humans ate long before they instituted property (see Morgan).

Well, you and I have already covered the fact that I think your definition of "means of production" is completely arbitrary. So, I can't really respond beyond that. But, out of curiosity, who is Morgan and which of his works should I see?

: : "Property" is merely a way of saying "allocation of scarce resources."

: Property is a way of saying that one class produces its survival PLUS another class' survival.

I'll assume you don't mean quite this. If you believed that one class was producing the survival of two classes, why on earth would you object to that, unless you're just mean?

: Rock on indeed.

...he said, with a smug smile at the camera. And, for years afterward, it became the custom to end an argument with the words "Rock on indeed!" No one knew what it meant, but they thought it sounded cool, so it stuck.

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