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This Above All Else: To Thine Own Self Be True

Posted by: Krasny ( Internationale, All Countries... ) on February 02, 19100 at 01:39:09:

In Reply to: It's true, compared to today, those folks had a tough row to hoe. posted by Frenchy on February 01, 19100 at 10:44:47:

[Snip: Frenchy Said]

"All he [Marx] had to do was not be a radical."

*You're right of course. That's like saying all Kunta Kinte' had to do was be a good slave and he wouldn't have had his foot lopped off... or all Galileo had to do was agree with the Church that the Earth was the center of the planetary system instead of the sun, and he wouldn't have been placed under house arrest for the last ten years of his life and his books wouldn't have been placed on the Index... or Sakharov should have agreed with the Party on the matter of nuclear proliferation and he wouldn't have had his movements restricted. These are all examples of 'radical' thinking.

Always good to see which side of the issue we end up on there Frenchy... it's always very life affirming. --K

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