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Yeah right Barry, evidence? Or is that an opinion?

Posted by: Lark on February 02, 19100 at 01:44:23:

In Reply to: One paragraph utopias forver! posted by Stoller on February 01, 19100 at 10:43:44:

: Without centralized industrial activity, there will be only the scarcity and poverty of precapitalist peasant proprietorship.

Yeah right Barry, evidence? Or is that an opinion? Hey have you heard the one about without the unmolested market operating demand and supply and wages there cant be production or sale and exchange of goods?

:What your one-paragraph utopia promises is the return to artisan natural economy that won't be easily conveyed by computers (centralized industrial product).

There is a difference between centralisation and authoritarianism incidentially, the CNT's methods of anarcho-syndicalist democractic decision making where, fairly centralistic but what you seem to suggest is an entirely different story.

Your impressed by Lenin (form what I can tell simply because he was Lenin) who was impressed by Taylor and Ford, both capitalists employing capitalist methods, which I find strange, how could a genuine socialist be impressed by inhumane capitalist tactics?

: Tell us all about your 'anarchist' utopia by homing pigeon, smart guy.

Is the abuse necessary? It's well seen your not interested in persuading anyone of anything, would piper be just another worker to intern in the 'workers' state gulag or put against the wall?

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