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Lark welcomes fascism, as long as it sounds nice

Posted by: Loudon Head on February 03, 19100 at 10:51:30:

In Reply to: Your dogma knows no bounds, unfortunately. posted by Lark on February 02, 19100 at 18:05:21:

: : Fair enough. My point still stands. Whatever hierarchy might exist as a result of property is not imposed on us by anything other than the facts of existence: a world of scarce resources.

: : This goes for you too, Lark.

: That is very simple Dogma, I could just write something stupid like the state ownership of industry and property is necessary to avoid the notion of infinite growth when there is only finite resources, time and again and be done with it.

Yes, and such a stupid statement could be refuted by pointing out that human ingenuity, especially when provoked by market incentives, tends to find new uses for previously useless resources, spurring infinite growth in spite of finite resources. See the work of Julian Simon.

: However I realise there are no absolutes, I'm not wedded to ideology other than Humanism which doesnt set up absolutes 'musts', 'prerequisites' or 'conditions' for a 'free order', while I refer to my social and political creed as Socialist/Socialism that is merely to provide constrast with anti-humanist positions.

...leaving yourself open to any fascistic philosophy that comes down the road, as long as its proponents use words that sound vaguely humanist.

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