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The Heartland Institute and other monstrosities

Posted by: MDG on February 03, 19100 at 10:56:42:

Loudon Head referred me to a libertarian group's website, the Heartland Institute (www.heartland.org). Make your own call, but in my opinion it's the usual libertarian claptrap of hear no evil, see no evil, think no evil (unless there's a whiff of government, then it's all evil).

In turn, the Heartland Institute links to Citizens for a Sound Economy, chaired by the disgusting C. Boyden Grey (Bush's White House Counsel, and now one of the biggest scumbag lobbyists in D.C. Read all about this reprehensible walking turd at http://users.erols.com/npap/BoydenGrayAnInDepthProfile.html.

One of CSE's recent accomplishments was the derailment of a federal plan to clean up the Florida Everglades after years of abuse by, among others, the Florida Sugar Mafia (run by ex-Batista land Cubans). Interestingly enough, the CSE recieved large donations from the sugar barons. Now, Loudon Head would call this information nothing more than circumstantial ad hominem, but once again, which is very high-minded and all, but once again, common sense dictates that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck or, in this case, yet another libertarian think tank which values the freedom to destroy the environment over such petty annoyances as government regulation.

And that's only part of why I despise libertarianism.

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