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it's foolish to believe that any good alternative will come about through anything other than a really arduous and gradual process.

Posted by: Lark on February 03, 19100 at 11:08:35:

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: I've glanced at their website now and then. I really should study on it thoroughly, though.

I think it's great, they have a very comprehensive over view to politics and just about every variety of socialism, I like the religious socialist material, I'm sorry that they havent given any real significant attention to workers control or syndicalism but perhaps that will evolve over time, or perhaps it's a consequence of the friction, prejudice and political sectarianism that persists between syndicalists and 'parliamentarians' everywhere.

They had it right in the Paris Commune everyone was pleased because they hadnt a blue print for what anti-capitalism/socialism was but they knew they didn't want capitalism or the empire and where willing to pursue an alternative through trial and error.

:As I told SDF, I have voted socialist in the past (I believe it was in 1992, when I voted for either Jesse Jackson or Ralph Nader for Prez (alas, poor memory!), and Barbara Ehrenreich for Vice Prez on the socialist ticket - for all I know, she was a DSA candidate).

I believe the DSA are attempting to take over the democrats in the manner in which the 'Christian' Coalition took over the Republicans.

:: a 'statist' organisation which I guess demonstrates his position, that is akin to my own, that we must agree our opposition to capitalism an alternative to capitalism will naturally evolve as a consequence through trial and error.

: I agree; if we start from a common position, i.e., opposition to capitalism, when can then figure out a better alternative (and it needs to be better, of course.

Definitely, I mean capitalism, especially the one we know, wasnt built in a day, it's foolish to believe that any good alternative will come about through anything other than a really arduous and gradual process.

Personally I'm sympathetic to workers control because the culture between management and workers in Europe is very authoritarian and nasty, some capitalists insist management and workers are all buddies in America a la Starbucks, but if it proved impossible, like if people simply didnt want empowerment, wherent interested, didn't get involved, a lot of people just want to lift their pay and spend it in the pub (there's really that wrong with that, unless it's a debilitating addiction or something), I'd be happy to differ those goals provisionally for the greater good of the grand ol' cause.

:The caps might be right that capitalism stinks, but it's better than all the alternatives).

I'd, er, disagree there, democracy is better than dictatorship but that is a political and state issue, nothing to do with the economy and health or well being, I mean Sweden and the Scandinavian countries are well fine places to live and work (although I'd have to get used to the nordics, aryans, teutonics etc., no I think I'll stay at home).

: : We still have to avoid the Strollers of this life though.

: Barry has his good and bad sides; I'll just say that we need to avoid dogmatic, violent authoritarians and leave it at that.

Agreed, Barry's made his arguments with me pretty personal I think and that is all I can say on that score.

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