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Posted by: Lark on February 03, 19100 at 14:19:09:

Does anyone have any good references to offer about criminality, or rather criminology, and socialism, anarchism and civil libertarianism?

What about you McSpotlight, I'm not being a lazy dog, I just suspect that you've got these sort of things book marked on your computers.

McSpotlight: Not really.

However, going to Google and typing in 'crime in an anarchist society' generates a lot of hits; the Anarchist FAQ has a section entitled "What would an anarchist society look like?"

There's a page here, and one here, and one here. There's also a page here which touches on 'primitive' and 'libertarian' crime systems and a page here that deals with anarchism as a whole and covers crime as part of it.

For socialist and free-market links, follow exactly the same method; you should come up with a fair amount of stuff to read.

(It might even be helpful...)

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