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Why thanks and a hat tip Mr. Stoller.

Posted by: Frenchy on February 03, 19100 at 23:43:12:

In Reply to: Impartial Comment posted by Barry Stoller on February 03, 19100 at 21:34:17:

: : I think it hilarious that this Frenchy character...

: I'll give Frenchy credit for one thing.

: He posts under his own name.

: Everyday he opines what he thinks---without subterfuge.

: Find a point to debate, anonymous, or get lost. There's something pathological about you.

Why thanks and a hat tip Mr. Stoller.
I'd only like to point out the 'boot licking' angle that Jesse has brought up. He, and others on this board, apparently believe that I say and feel the things that I do because I'm being paid to feel and say those things.
This is sad.
It also shows a certain degree of arrogance, the very sort of arrogance that Thomas Sowell writes about in regards to the intellectual's stance towards those he claims to represent.
I'm a blue-collar worker, always have been. I'm retired and draw a pension from nearly thirty years of labor. I'm the very guy that the Jesses' of the world say they want to represent. When I do speak for myself, when I do opine, then you get;

"...this Frenchy character, after being whupped, tricked, checkmated,
ground into dirt, exposed as a bootlicking fool and finally ignored, took to this board
yesterday with a vigor unusual for even him. The number of his posts illustrates and
arm-flailing desperation. One cannot help but admire his perserverence, though, in me, it does
elicit some pathos as well, for one can only wonder if he hopes that somewone in authority is
watching his valiant fight. (Surveillance being, I guess, the only mirror in which he can admire

It reminds me of what happens during stock market crashes. After the initial plummet, there's
often a session or two of market gains, after which the downward spiral continues. Stock
market analysts call these days "dead-cat bounces", which do nothing to stop the impending

It's not so much that I'm being ignored, it's more that I can easily expose them for the automatons that they are, and they know it.

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