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: : In case you were wondering, Frenchy's link basically showed a bunch of aerial pictures. They showed vague pictures that could have been anything and then gave them scarey subtitles like 'Cuban Barracks'. It's similar to what Casey of the CIA came up with in teh '80s. Casey looked at a picture of a dirt field in Nicaragua and came up with teh following:

: : "Dirt field ----> baseball field. A baseball field means Cubans, because Nicaraguans dont play baseball. (never mind Dennis Martinez and the Nicaraguan Olympic team). Cubans means Soviet agents. Therefore, a dirt field proves the existence of Soviets in Nicaragua."

: You have to tell me where you got this Casey bit w/the baseball field. I try to keep up on these things, but this is classic.


Coordinating Cuba's Support for Marxist-Leninist Violence in the Americas

by Rex A. Hudson

The Cuban American National Foundation


List of Abbreviations
I. Castro's Covert War
II. The Guevarist Years
III. Soviet-Cuban Rapprochement
IV The PCC/CC's "Guerrilla International"
V. The Nicaraguan Revolutionary Model
VI. Castro's Nicaraguan "Robot"
VII. Exporting the Nicaraguan Model
Central America
The Caribbean
South America
The United States
VIII. DA/DGRE Foreign Policy Influence
IX. The Soviet-Cuban Diplomatic Gambit
X. Conclusion and Outlook
Appendix 1: Cited DA Officials
Appendix 2: Biographical Profile: Manuel Piņeiro Losada
Book References

Looks pretty well researched to me, a quality that I know people here at this board value. Unless, that is, the research happens to show that they don't have a clue.
Anyhow, instead of pretending to know something you don't, instead of remaining willfully ignorant, try clicking here.
The home page is www.canfnet.org (The Cuban American National Foundation) and it represents the views and opinions of actual people who have had the honor of living under the conditions you seem to espouse.
Or are you afraid to look?

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