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NJ's 10,000,000 Congolese.

Posted by: Frenchy on February 04, 19100 at 10:40:37:

I've supplied some very credible evidence which flattly contradicts Nickel Jacks assetions that Castro has brought the people of Cuba nothing but benefits such as education and health care. Instead, for those of you who have the intellectual integrity, you've seen that Castro has exported his revolution to other S.and C. American countries. Without success and with more corpes to show for his efforts.
More info? Go here.

But here's what I'm searching for now, the ten-million Congolese that Nickel Jack has mentioned a couple of hundred times.
I suspect that when I do find some information about this that there will be more to it than what NJ has let on. Probably a lot more. My suspicions? That the Congolese themselves killed each other, ie; normal African tribal warfare.
I suspect, also, if that is the truth of the matter, that NJ will then rebut w/ 'Well, the Belgians enticed/bribed/tricked/induced them to do it'. What this will show, if I'm right in my suspicions, is that NJ believes that Europeans somehow have the power to force those of other ethnicities to do their bidding because they (the Congolese) don't have the intellectual/moral wherewithal to say 'no'.
Defending the indefensible is a hard row to hoe, yet here are a dozen or so entirely willing to do so.

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