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Let This Cup Pass From Me, Comrade

Posted by: Krasny ( Internationale, All Countries... ) on February 04, 19100 at 10:44:33:

In Reply to: Impartial Comment posted by Barry Stoller on February 03, 19100 at 21:34:17:

[Snip - Barry Said:]



: I'll give Frenchy credit for one thing.

: He posts under his own name.

*His *actual* name is 'Frenchy?' Forgive me for perhaps sounding thick-headed here Barry (after a half dozen or so CANF-links from this intellectual flatliner, it begins to take its toll...), but what does a persons' 'own name' say about his/her character or conspicuous lack thereof? To me, that's a bit like pointing out that at least Hitler was a vegetarian (...risking the wrath of both Spock and MDG here...) or that Attila the Hun loved horses and therefore, wasn't *all* bad.

: Everyday he opines what he thinks---without subterfuge.

If we're contesting ideas, then one doesn't ever contest the ideas of Mr. Frenchy, but rather of his surrogates (Sheehan, Sowell, the Miami Herald, the Cuban American National Foundation... Book reviews from Amazon.com for Pity's f'n sake...) in the form of snippets... as for example when he was cornered on his postulated 'classroom reduction is a ploy of the NEA' nonsense. Once you broke it down for him all he could do was muster up a charge of 'pretentiousness' for the use of 'QED.'

While it can and perhaps *should* be argued that taunting the Village Idiot is morally repugnant and ultimately makes of him a sympathetic character, it does not, alas, make him any less an idiot IMO.* --K

: Find a point to debate, anonymous, or get lost. There's something pathological about you.

*I confess, I haven't read this particular post which you seem to be taking umbrage with (I had clicked on your reply... I'll go look forthwith), but his reply posted within this thread gave me a chuckle or two, was well written, and had the virtue of being the poster's own opinion... which I value far more than his 'own name.'

Still Krasny After All These Years... --K

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