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Did Samual Day Fassbinder say 'A Challenge to Frenchy'?

Posted by: Frenchy on February 04, 19100 at 10:46:31:

I think he did; A Challenge to Frenchy Posted by: Samuel Day Fassbinder ( Citizens for
Mustard Greens, USA ) on January 28, 19100 at 16:01:45: Frenchy says: See what the response was to 'Leftism Revisited'. Same w/ my contributions from
Von Mises' book. Want me to give you Thomas Sowells analysis of Marx? SDF responds: Why not? SDF continues: Well? You like to copy stuff. Why not?
Well, that's the post anyways. But I don't see a lot of enthusiasm on his part to comment on Thomas Sowell's writings. These all come under "Chickenshit
leader...." tags. I used "chickenshit" because that's what he referred to me as. But now I wonder. Anyways Samual Day Fassbinder, I'll start the "Chickenshit
leader..." thread from the start. Hey!! You too, Krasny!! Pull your pusillanomous self out of that hole! You could use some "Sowell" food yourself.

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