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Barry, You Naughty Boy!

Posted by: Tim the Enchanter on February 04, 19100 at 14:20:48:

In Reply to: Did I say I did? posted by Barry Stoller on February 04, 19100 at 10:42:05:

(You all know the story. And then after Barry said there was something pathological about me because I post under different names, I said he was dour and strident. And so Barry said . . .)

: Another post of amateur psychoanalysis instead of debate regarding capitalism and the alternatives. Exactly what bothered me about your meaningless attack on Frenchy.

I'll begin with an admission. I should not have posted that at all, under any name. Why even refer to that poster except when it's absolutely necessary. And Barry, you left out the most devastating critique of all--it wasn't even funny.

But Barry, calling you dour and strident is not amateur psychology, those are simple insults. Much more sophisticated insults, I should add, than all the other ones that have been hurled your way (but not any more accurate). Speculating WHY you're dour and strident would be amateur psychoanalysis, and I didn't do this to you.

Now, I did jokingly psychoanalyze Frenchy just to bug him, but I did so in a small parenthetical segment of an otherwise relevant post which replied to his claims that the Nazis were Leftists.

And then Barry said: If you don't have anything pertinent to say abot the topic at hand, don't post. And if you want to play referee, get some help.

To which I remind him that I have (under various names) come to his defense, I have re-stated some of his ideas in a fashion more palatable for this board, and, showing deference to his vast knowledge of Leninism, I have asked him questions. Why I have even put his boorish behavior in context! And then, not only does he suggest that I'm "pathological", he has the nerve to suggest I'm practicing psychiatry without a license! I'm positively livid!

(Note: For those of you how don't realize "I'm livid!" is an overstatement for comic effect, here are some extra exclamation marks and other signs for you ----! ! ! ! ;-) :-0 . . .)

Barry, you should be careful with a liberal use of the diagnostic term 'pathological.' If its reference ever escapes the confines of true nut-cases and serial killers, then it will pull you right in before it gets to me.

I know why you want people to use their real names, or at least a consistent pseudonym. One of your purposes on this board is, as I said in my first response, to identify who is 'by your definition) a "true revolutionary" and who isn't. So, you need consistency in your labels for people, that way you can say, "That was a good post by Lark, but we all know he's a reactionary homophobe, as he demonstrated HERE and HERE and HERE." Or, "Pretty good thinking, Krasny, I see you've come around to the proper way of looking at things. You've come a long way from the days when you said THIS and THIS and THIS."

This could be why you have a secret fondness for Frenchy. Guys like Frenchy are so uncritically subservient to whatever power structures are already in place, that if you your kind were to ever seize power, you couldn't find a more loyal foot soldier than he. With Frenchy, you don't have to even bother changing his MIND, you just have to get him to change SIDES.

You say none of this is relevant to "Capitalism and Alternatives"? I think it is--very much so. Capitalism is a system of social relations, right? I'm talking here of social relations. While I have great respect for the work and thought you put in to your posts, and even find myself agreeing with your positions quite often, I don't agree with your abusive tone, as no one here does. I think people should blow it off more than they do, but that's not of major consequence.

You turn people off, Stoller, and I know you don't care. You're looking for people who satisfy your definition of 'revolutionary', and with the history of capitalists sucking the life out of Leftist movements with bromides, false promises and bouquets of flowers, who's to blame you? So, in a sense, God luv-ya, Barry! Stick around, cause we need you.

In another sense, for all your knowledge, you come across as an interpersonal cretin. Overbearing, nasty, and generally unpleasant. Are you that way in person? Who knows, and does it matter?

Feel free to just answer this with more abuse. I'm sure you will. For more amateur psychology, I know you have an "obsessive need" to "express your hostilities" and get in the last word. It's your way of getting "closure."

But that's my last contribution to this string, sicko.

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