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I am suspicious of business

Posted by: Loudon Head on February 04, 19100 at 17:55:51:

In Reply to: You are honourable sir. posted by Lark on February 04, 19100 at 14:05:56:

: : You're right, and I apologize. For what it's worth, I did feel that I was responding to similar insinuations on your part.

: I accept your apology, sir, you are indeed honour and of good temper. It is no doubt difficult debating as the solitary capitalist in a room full of socialists and anarchists disgusted by anarcho-capitalism's ignorance of corporate government.

I don't think I'm the solitary capitalist. I've always got Frenchy!

Heh, heh.



: I am sorry if you regarded anything I have written as insinuation, it was never intended in that fashion at all, I do believe that you are wedded to ideology though.

Well, don't tell my girlfriend.

: If there are factors about opposition to capitalism that alienated you, ignorance of pernicious statism, high taxation which is wasted on the military or politicians, government bureaucracy etc. (although these are mainly the products of statism anti-capitalism, I find they are the most common reasons for capitalists annoyance with anti-capitalists) that is fine, these really aggrivate me too. It's not as if they cant be changed with persistance.

: : : I'm interested in reading factual books anyway not popular american fiction.

: : This isn't an insinuation?

: Not really, it is delivered in a rude tone because I get angry being called a facist etc. but I think it is true.

I didn't mean to call you a fascist. I just think that a "no absolutes" outlook leaves one vulnerable to any political philosophy that comes down the pike, including fascism.

> I wonder why libertarian movements think the state is the only threat to freedom and choice in America when the business people have more power than the government. Even if you wished to maintain capitalism you should favour some variety of non-state regulation, such as, workers associations or consumer pressure groups.

Oh! Absolutely! I think that workers associations and consumer pressure groups are of utmost importance, and I think they would thrive much more effectively in a free market unhindered by government. I regard those kind of organizations as corporations very similar in most important respects to corporations as commonly understood: Groups of people cooperating toward common goals, with each individual motivated primarily by self-interest.

: I am suspicious of government are you suspicious of business? They are peopled by individuals with the exact same motivations.

I'm suspicious of everybody. I just think that whatever power businesses have is directly attributable to the government's presence in the economy. I think that if the government were reduced to JUST defense, (if that,) business would generally be smaller and less powerful. (They wouldn't be protected by tariffs and other government-inflicted restrictions on competition.)

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