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*Sigh* Misunderstood, yet again.

Posted by: MDG on February 04, 19100 at 19:47:11:

In Reply to: Green Ecosocialism defended once more posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on February 03, 19100 at 13:59:43:


: : Further, I feel it is for SDF to explain to us why we should ask for bigger crumbs, when we could have the whole damn bakery.

: SDF: And MDG, on the other hand, thinks I ought to stop thinking about the Presidential elections and should support a candidate for School Board or some other such tinier crumb. You been paying attention RD? That's what I've been doing.

SDF, hear me! I'm saying that we (since the Greens are my 3rd party of choice, I say "we") need to build from the bottom up if we're going to have a serious chance of winning big. School boards and local and county seats are important - just ask any county where the Christian Coalition has taken over. Building a foundation, and winning, will take time. You may not see the kind of society you want until you're old and gray, but if we keep working now, that day will come. Shit, do you think I will see my wish of a completely vegetarian society coming true in my lifetime? I don't. What I do see, though, are mainstream supermarkets carrying vegan deli slices - you didn't see that 10 years ago. Slow and steady like the tortoise is frustrating as hell, but you get there eventually.

: : Vote world Socialism for President, don't vote capitalist....

: SDF: Join the Greens, don't vote capitalist.

I might have snipped where you wrote I was struggling with the concept of how voting for the one-party (two faces) system indefinitely was the road to ruin. On a personal level, I want to remind you that in two out of the last three elections I voted for a third party. On a macro level, I want to remind you that I and others who unhappily choose the lesser evil route are fully aware of the compromises we're making. As I've pointed out time and again, the only thing which is making me (and others) consider voting for the Democrat this year is the fate of the Supreme Court. Call it the Supreme sacrifice.

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