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Posted by: Loudon Head on February 04, 19100 at 22:51:44:

In Reply to: Which is the tendency of industry and commerce under unhindered capitalism posted by Lark on February 04, 19100 at 14:02:21:

: : I'm happy to. Point me in the direction of the books.

: What so you can dismiss them as green commie propaganda or something? Why is the word of your opposing debater not enough? Dont try using any brainwashing silliness as an explanation either because if NJ's 'brainwashed' why arent you?

No, NJ said that I should read some history. I agree, and would like recommendations. I may end up dismissing them as green commie propaganda after I read them but, until then, I don't know how I'll react.

You might be interested to know, by the way, that I used to be one of you. Until 1997, I was a self-described socialist, anti-capitalist, regular reader of Z Magazine and Noam Chomsky. I proudly voted for Ralph Nader in '96.

In 1997, I read some stuff that gradually made me change my mind. (What stuff I read is irrelevant, because I think that it would take different books or events to change the minds of different people.)

However, I will admit that I was never a very well-read socialist. Mainly, I got my information from Z, other periodicals, and discussions with friends.

Now, most of those friends, while still friends, think I've gone crazy or something. This is not a comfortable position to be in, so, in a way, I'm actually HOPING that someone will present me with right argument, the one that will bring me back.

I should get the chance to respond to the rest of your post this weekend. I just wanted to pause a moment and let you know where I'm coming from. I want to read opposing views.

Speaking of which, can you believe that NO library in the ENTIRE Chicago Public Library system carries that Andrew Vincent book you recommended? (Looks like I'll have to rely on a private capitalist institution rather than that public one!)

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