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I must protest

Posted by: MDG on February 05, 19100 at 01:16:09:

In Reply to: A Reply to my critics (and Frenchy) posted by Barry Stoller on February 04, 19100 at 22:50:20:


: And I've heard worse. MDG and David have called me a fascist, SDF called me an asshole, and Lark called me a capitalist. The worse Frenchy can do is call me a communist!

Now you know I said you were as dangerous as a fascist; if I'd meant to call you a fascist, I would have said so outright. I knew then, as now, that you're a communist, not a fascist. My angry post was meant to convey that as I saw it then, you appeared to be a person of little tolerance who was ready, willing, and able to kill those who disagreed with you -- traits often found in fascists, but not necessarily limited to fascists.

I should have said you were as dangerous as any violent fanatic, I suppose. Note: I'm not saying you are, at least not now. Maybe the next time you piss me off, but I'll try to keep a sunny attitude about our inevitable disagreements.

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