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here you go bonehead

Posted by: Piper on February 05, 19100 at 01:18:45:

In Reply to: A Reply to my critics (and Frenchy) posted by Barry Stoller on February 04, 19100 at 22:50:20:


: That is my idea of low debate. Care to refute?

: I also respect him for putting up with the amount of abuse he does---without ever sniveling (like Piper).

Piper: So abuse is a good thing is it stoller? *sigh* What would socrates say?

If you want to debate acriminiously stoller, i really don't care. But its going to make for some pretty abusive posts. Personal abuse is MY idea of low debating technique.

: A final note.

: RD said repeatedly that---according to Marx---since labor was a human?s 'life activity,' job rotation must be voluntary.

: However, according to The Communist Manifesto (International 1948, p. 30), when the proletariat comes to power, there will be an '[e]qual obligation of all to work. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.'

: Does THAT sound voluntary?

: Nevertheless, RD will never admit he is wrong and I proved it. The ego is too valuable for such an admission of error. He will retreat pusillanimously, saying something like 'knock yourself out, squire.'

Piper: MArx wasn't the only socialist who ever breathed, yet you seem to think he's written the holy scriptures, cardinal stoller. Ever had even the slightest doubt that maybe just maybe Marx wasn't perfect HMMMMMM???

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