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Idle speculation with time running out

Posted by: Samuel Day Fassbinder ( Citizens for Mustard Greens, USA ) on February 05, 19100 at 11:37:39:

In Reply to: Answer for Boris Badenoughsky posted by MDG on February 05, 19100 at 01:15:21:

SDF: Yikes! First MDG says

: : : It's a long road between now and November 7th, Election Day. If Ralph Nader can manage to get on enough state ballots, and if he can manage to get into the national debates, I might vote for him yet.

SDF: About Nader getting into the debates: I wouldn't be surprised at another "second tier" of debates like they had in 1996. The Big Boys will want to play only with each other and with a captive corporate media in tow. Nader hasn't started his campaign yet. Nader is behind schedule for a bourgeois-democratic campaign even if his party did have ballot status in all 50 states. The real campaign will be in Washington DC in April. I'll vote for Kovel in the California primary, but of course that won't do anything in a petit-bourgeois sense either. It's not supposed to. Victory this year? Not by the ballot alone... The Greens are only on the ballot in 11 states -- Nader could probably run as an "independent" on most of the rest, thus the Green Party can use the Nader campaign to produce a better campaign in 2004, one uniting more states with deeper grassroots and a better slate of candidates. Green campaigns are only a chance to create a national complaint about capitalism, to put in power a government that will disrupt itself while at the same time outlawing its current corporate controlling board. This is all contingent upon the popping of the economic bubble. Eventually the Green Party will become dissatisfied with the mere regulation of ATM machines and become a focus for all of the things it currently only claims to stand for. The people must do the rest. Keep in mind that the oligopoly media are going to publicize protest only as a response from its bourgeois editorial captains, many of whom hold Trilateral Commission membership cards.

If it succeeded, maybe the government could implode and take the corporations with it at the same time as a successful popular action provided the basis for a new society. We ain't close yet. It's got to be something new, not Die Grünen with an American face.

then MDG says:

: Staying within the context of the capitalist democracy we inhabit now, there are two avenues to the change you seek, comrade:

: 1) Pass legislation mandating equal pay regardless of gender or color or [fill in the blank]; and

: 2) Eliminate sexism and racism in the hearts and minds of our fellow man.

: With regard to the first, I think that Nader, and even the Dems, would be more willing to champion such legislation than the Republicans. With the latter, that will be a significant challenge no matter what system you live under.

SDF: The Dems would never touch the corporate charter. C'mon, should Exxon continue to exist? (& remember Arco is in the top ten of Republican National Committee campaign contributors...)

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