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Subject of morality (a little better)

Posted by: Spikes McGuire on February 05, 19100 at 16:37:39:

In Reply to: I'd like to begin discussing the role of morality. posted by Spikes McGuire on February 05, 19100 at 11:41:18:

: So, keeping my own dietary choices a secret, I'd like to know from MDG: what's your view on vegetarianism? Why should people stop eating meat?

: Spikes

: (P.S. Have you read Jeremy Rifkin's "Beyond Beef"? It's quite an eye-opener

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: McSpotlight: Godwin's Law isn't exactly humourous; more frustrated. It arises from the perception that, once the parties in a debate have started calling each other Nazis and fascists, any productive part of the debate has pretty much gone and the debate has degenerated to name-calling.

Right, and losing the debate is the penalty for the cheap conflation. Now that makes sense. But I don't think that SDF violated the spirit of this law in using Hitler in the manner that he did. I agree with the rule, but as with all rules, it can be put to disengenuous use.

McSpotlight: It's not even a case of 'winning' or 'losing'; both parties are considered to have lost if they both start namecalling. If one person is reduced to namecalling because they have no decent response, it has to be taken as a tacit admission of defeat on their part.

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