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Posted by: Piper on February 05, 19100 at 16:39:23:

In Reply to: I'd like to say I was satisfied posted by Boris Badenoughsky on February 05, 19100 at 11:37:05:

: : Staying within the context of the capitalist democracy we inhabit now, there are two avenues to the change you seek, comrade:

: : 1) Pass legislation mandating equal pay regardless of gender or color or [fill in the blank]; and...

: Assuming that Piper (here) is correct, the Equal Pay Act of 1963 has ALREADY 'mandated' equal pay for comparable work.

What do you mean assuming? TAke a look for yourself (here)

(hopefully that will work. BTW guys i'm not even american so i don't see why i should have to tell you these things...)

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