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Is There Any crises in capitalism yet?

Posted by: Baktash ( ., Iran ) on February 07, 19100 at 10:26:55:

In Classical Marxist theory ,3 major crises are mentioned for capitalism:

1) The overproduction crisis
2) Tendency of profit rate to decline
3) Disproportion in reproduction cycles

But nowadays it is said that:

*the post-war capitalism has passed its crises period;
*The crises of modern capitalism are not so deep to be a threatening factor to its existance;
* The modern state can control the crises successfully;
* The mentioned above crises are true only in competitive capitalism not in the monopoly phase of it;
* And so on....

What do you think?
Does the modern capitalism have any serious crisis yet?
If yes what are these crises? if not there wont be any rational reason for an alternative (my be a few moral,utopian and pre-marxian reasons could be foud)

Are the crises restricted to the 3 mentioned above?

After all whats your idea about the Capitalism crises?


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