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Ethics and Revolution

Posted by: Piper on February 07, 19100 at 11:06:14:

"Marx had been wrong in forecasting the imminent collapse of capitalism and the growing pauperisation of the worker; no longer driven by needs, western workers were displaying their preference for rewards and security over freedom and struggle...Socialism became a matter of negoatiation and of demand for improved conditions and greater security within the existing society. this was the path of reformism. Notably, the Marxist neglect of ethics prevented Marxists from attacking reformism for its elevation of rewards and security: the orthodox Marxists had to argue instead, quite implausibly, that the reformists were bound to fail, that increased rewards and greater security could not last under capitalism".

(The Ethical Foundations of Marxism by Eugene Kamenka)

Now all this sounds very familiar eh revolutionaries...

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