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Freedom of Opinion??

Posted by: Monane ( Singapore ) on February 07, 19100 at 17:25:52:

In Reply to: is South Korea a democracy today? posted by NJ on February 07, 19100 at 16:12:33:

If not, then doesn't it insult you that American leaders continue to call it a friendly democracy, as if Asian people are not entitled to the same freedom of opinion that Americans are?

I am seriously puzzled over the freedom of opinion that Americans strive for.And the other ideal known as equality. I see that Freedom of Opinion and equality are paradoxes.
For Exampe: A white supremanist believes white is superior and so he claims that and believes that the rest are inferior. Thus, he believes he is entitled to a few more benefits. So if he expresses his opinion, will that not be inequality. Considering the wider scope of EXPRESSING his opinion, he might do it in many ways. Like becoming ( just a poor old speculation ) a person in authority, say policeman and discrimate against non-whites. Will that not in turn cause inequality.
It is ironical to pursue both freedom of opinion and equality at the same time, freedom can only be achieved with equality but not vice versea. With equality, freedom of opinion would be established within equality. Freedom of opinion without equality has the tendency to stretch its limits. The above example is bad, but I am sure there are many more.
Apparently, that does not answer your question. Just trying to point out that it is inevitable that a Democracy can never achieve both ideals ( aka freedom and equality) simultanously, and to achieve Equality first, you might as well call it socialism. Secondly, I believe South Korea is considered FRIENDLY is because it is one of the four economical tigers in Asia. And surely, there is the age old issue of its shared borders with a Communist ( possible nuclear) North Korea. America, with its old ties with the war that was never fought, surely supports the enemy or capitalist South Korea.

McSpotlight: Surely this rests on the idea that you always act on your opinion?; there is a great deal of difference between having an opinion and acting on that opinion; you may believe, say, that gravity doesn't exist; but even the most diehard non-believer in gravity will think twice about jumping out of an aeroplane...

To use a slightly more mundane example, suppose your best friend is cheating on their husband/wife; this is wrong in your opinion, but if you value their friendship more than you value correcting your friend's perceived wrongdoing, then you will do nothing.

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