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this will be the crisis of capitalism.

Posted by: Lark on February 08, 19100 at 13:50:06:

In Reply to: Is There Any crises in capitalism yet? posted by Baktash on February 07, 19100 at 10:26:55:

The greatest thing about Marx and crisis prediction was his noting of the boom and bust cycle and the process by which capital, industrial or finace, in accordance with ITS OWN logic will move inevitably towards amalgamation and monopoly.

Now the day is going to come when there is no question of competition or entrepeneurship because everything will be owned by world corp. 1, world corp. 2 and world corp 3. when this day comes and all the nonsense dreamed up by capitalist economists, EG Von Mises, has been proven to be exactly that, nonsense, people will have to live without illusion.

That day people will CHOOSE whether they wish to comply with the government of the world corps as slaves or write their own history instead, this will be the crisis of capitalism.

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