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I really like that post

Posted by: Lark on February 08, 19100 at 13:54:16:

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: Chomsky has been criticized for not offering any constructive solutions to the problem of capitalism. That is, he has not offered any idea as to the contours of a post-capitalist society. To this he would plead guilty. and he would caution against anyone who looks to leaders. Chomsky is steadfastly anti-authoritarian. Leaders come along not because they want to lead, but because they just happen to be there. "What happens is that the people get organized and toss up a leader."

That's not really a criticism, I'd consider it a compliment, once a decision has been made not to allow absolutes or dogma to rule your life all social organisation etc. must be a process of trial and error reflecting those values.

: In my opinion, Chomsky paints Leninism with strokes too broad. He could be doing that for a variety of reasons, I don't know. The one point I wanted to make in this post, however, is that his rejection of Skinner is, at its root, a SCIENTIFIC DEBATE as to HOW TO CONDUCT LINGUISTIC INQUIRY, and ONLY LATER does it take on political dimensions.

I really like that post, you discribed the linguistics well.

: For now, this is enough. The direction in which I proceed will depend on the reactions I get to this post, curious, supportive or spiteful.

Hope you stick around.


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