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Oh, this is rich.

Posted by: MDG on February 08, 19100 at 18:17:24:

In Reply to: That's right posted by Barry Stoller on February 05, 19100 at 18:16:08:


: Piper, you have clearly expressed the gist of what made me so mad in the first place. (Almost) everyone here dumps all over Frenchy and then the same people get worked up about my harsh tone to them. How hypocritical. I treat my opponents far better than (most) people EVER treat Frenchy. And, in case no one noticed, Frenchy and I have perfectly civil debates.

I have to butt in here. I find it odd, Barry, that you've been cordial to Frenchy simply because he's a member of the working class, despite his love affair with capitalism and his vaunted support of America's favorite dictators, as well as his racist and imperialistic mutterings, but you've dumped on me like a ton of bricks because, although I am far more to the left than Frenchy, I have not embraced communism (yet, anyway), I'm college-educated and a middle class professional and hence the worst thing imaginable, a petit bourgeois cappy. As I once said early on, you choose to drive away potential allies rather than win them over to your cause (although now with time, I see it's all about class with you, hence, your solicitude towards Frenchy. That's fine, but embracing others simply because they're working class can place you in some pretty nasty company, oi! oi! oi!).

By the way, didn't you once refer to Frenchy as a "brick wall?"

Note: Despite his glaring failings, I sorta like Frenchy. He has a good sense of humor, and I share his disdain for certain snot-noses on this board).

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