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Behaviorism doesn't have a non-trivial leg to stand on.

Posted by: Hank on February 10, 19100 at 12:35:39:

In Reply to: rejoinder posted by Piper on February 10, 19100 at 10:48:19:

: : So, Mad Dog, after two posts in which I showed that the 43 year old debate between debate Skinner and Chomsky is long over and CHOMSKY WON, you give me this? I'm disappointed in you, Mad Dog. Furthermore, the second of my responses was pretty much conciliatory, but you nevertheless took one of my topic sentences out, call it a 'slithering retreat', then disengenuously suggested that I suggested Chomsky's Nazi allusion was a coincidence.

: Piper: Did Chomsky win? Skinner never replied and Chomsky was pretty inaccurate in his representation of Skinner's views. That sounds like a pretty dubious victory to me.

: I've seen papers that purport to show how laNGUAGE IS ACQUIRED VIA sKINNERIAN METHODS.

BTW, the focus is on the nature of the language organ. Saying "children learn the language of their environment" is true and trivial. Behaviorism doesn't have a non-trivial leg to stand on.

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