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: Okay guys, I am in a bit of jam. In my Literature class we are studying Utopias and I have been assigned to a group that will be making a presentation on Utopian literature. Now, my group members are all meat heads so it will be me doing most of this work, anyways.

: Basically, what I have done is divided the Utopian lit. into two categories, one is literature that details the blueprints of a Utopia (for this, I have: The Republic, The Communist Manifesto, Utopia (Moore), Das Kapital, Thus Spoke Zarathrustra (sp??)), the second group are Utopias espoused is the form of fiction (in this case, I have selected Gullivers Travels and Atlas Shrugged [Yes, Barry, this would be no fun without some Randian 'comic books', as you so endearingly refer to them]).

: So, basically what I am asking is if you guys could just recommend any books that fall under these categories. Right now, I am little weak in the way of fiction because most represent dystopias in an attempt to satirize utopias. The more the better, as what I am going to do is divide these among my group members, have them read it, and then write a 2-3 page brief on each one.

: Thanks Alot!

: David

Piper: Aldous Huxley, Island; B.F. Skinner, Walden 2;

Can't think of any more off the top of my head...

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